51e ÉDITION – Rendez-vous en 2024 !
51e ÉDITION – Rendez-vous en 2024 !

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Created in 1997 by Olivier Sulpice, Bamboo is a publishing house specialising in comic books with more than a thousand books in its catalogue. With an expert knowledge of what the public finds funny from 7 to 77 years old and some very successful series such as The Teachers, The Police Officers or The Firemen, it keeps growing and exploring all genres by endeavouring to renew the “one joke per page” genre in series with central themes ! After the vocations, Bamboo, whose headline is « Comic books that look like you », wins the sporting heart with the books The Rugbymen, Basket Dunk or The Footmaniacs. This formula has made Bamboo a reference point in the world of comic strips. Then it’s the girls’ turn to find their groove with some chattering sessions (Mes Cops, My Pals), sorcery (Isaline) and silliness (The Sisters : a big hit for Bamboo). Other books which will also delight children with fertile imagination include such as Pilo, Kid’s Game and Gaspard. Bamboo also invites its readers to discover their collection Learning with fun, educational and funny comic books ! The Marine Animals, The Dinosaurs, The Insects but also Little Louis (about king Louis XIV when he was little) and Cleo (about Cleopatra when she was a child). In 2002, Bamboo created Grand Angle, a collection of realistic comic books full of diversity. Stories with a touch of poetry, politically committed but impartial stories, real and moving testimonies, captivating thrillers... In short, from a shiver of pleasure to inner revolt, emotion guaranteed. Since 2015, Grand Angle has adapted Marcel Pagnol’s work, in collaboration with the writer’s grandson (My Father’s Glory, Jean de Florette, The Time of Secrets…). In 2006, the catalogue widened once again with the creation of Doki-Doki, a manga collection which enjoys resounding success thanks to Sun-Ken Rock, The Rising of the Shield Hero... In November 2016, Bamboo acquired a majority shareholding in Editions Audie, the publisher, amongst other things, of the magazine Fluide Glacial, created in 1975 by Gotlieb, Alexis and Jacques Diament and famous all over the world for its quirky humour and libertarian policy . Since September 2019, with the creation of Drakoo, Christophe Arleston has been at the helm of a new vessel in charge of carrying the reader far away towards new frontiers. The Drakoo catalogue is heterogeneous and will offer books for children and for teenagers, funny and realistic comic books, steampunk and fantasy. A single watchword : let’s travel !